A Day In Jerusalem

For Palestinians, visiting Jerusalem is no easy task, but I was able to get a permit and visit this past summer…and it was gorgeous.

I failed as I was trying to come up with one word to describe this city. Walking through the old alleyways, while being surrounded by the colour contrast of ancient buildings, vibrant accessories, mosaics, and much more. This is Jerusalem, a juxtaposition of the old and the new, a city of various religions, cultures, and languages.

I had ka’ek (second picture) with za’tar for breakfast, then had a cup of tea in a small cafe, and shopped around for accessories. I fell in love with a necklace that was all silver with hints of black. The shop owners were the nicest I have ever met. When they leave for prayer, they let their stores open for anyone to walk in, trusting their neighbours with their small shops. Going into the shop nearby, I picked up a bracelet then preceded to ask for the price. To my surprise, the owner was an old man who was blind. He held the bracelet, and immediately told me the price. I picked up another bracelet to give to my sister, and then he offered to give me the second bracelet for free.

With that simple interaction, I knew how special Jerusalem and its people were to me. Each time I go back and visit this gorgeous city, I run into the kindest and most generous individuals I have ever met in my life. It truly is a holy city.




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