Vintage Meets Modern

In our world today, we rarely see a person walking around with a full-on vintage outfit. While I do like to wear ‘modern’ clothing, I also love to pair my crop top, or leather jacket, with an item that represents my Palestinian heritage. When in the mood, I usually throw on accessories that have been worn by Palestinian women for hundreds of years. One of my favourite accessories is this necklace I got from Jerusalem’s old market. They are sold in every colour, but are super affordable! Believe it or not, it only costed me 25 shekels (around 6 dollars).

Another way to incorporate your heritage as part of your style and fashion is by simply adding embroidered garments into your closet! Embroidery is gaining momentum in the fashion world today, and many stores have had items inspired by that of Palestine and the Arab world. Recently, I became obsessed with embroidered jackets and blazers. Surprisingly, Zara had a couple of jackets inspired by Palestinian embroidery, which I will link in this post. Also, there is an online Palestinian store, Forty8, which I LOVE! If you ever need to order Palestinian pieces online, this is your go to website (a bit pricy, but the quality is lovely).

Comment below if you have any ideas on how to incorporate your heritage in modern-day outfits.


-Dina DSC_0913




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