Beautiful British Columbia

When I first applied to the University of British Columbia, I knew nothing about the province or Vancouver, the city where the main UBC campus is located. To be honest, I only applied after watching a Youtube lip dub video that was shot all around campus (I know right), and I was blown away. The scenery – I thought – was INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t believe it was real. When I got there during August of 2012, the city did not let me down.

Until the end of 2015, I wasn’t really into hiking, skiing, or in other words, any physical activities. Thanks to my friends, who pushed me into joining them on hiking trips, I was able to visit the most gorgeous places I have ever seen in my life -I’m not exaggerating-.

One of the most memorable trips was the one to Squamish and the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. The pictures below are all taken from the top of the mountain. Isn’t it gorgeous? I cannot wait to explore more sights in BC.




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