Makeup Collection & Essentials

I have only started collecting makeup almost 3 and a half years ago. As a kid, I kind of despised makeup and its wearers, and I promised myself that I would never -ever- be that girl with loads of makeup on her face. Well, now I’m 21 and with a clearly different outlook. Wondering why my extreme hatred for makeup was gone, I still do not have a clear answer. Was it me trying to fit in by following societal norms? or was it simply a new interest that I have adopted?

What I know now is that I enjoy putting makeup on, I find it to be so much fun! My mom never told me to wear makeup, she even tried to delay my use of makeup for as long as she could. Now that I am 21, I completely appreciate my mom’s decision, even though I used to steal her eyeliner when I was 12 and wear it once I left the house (what a rebel, I know). She gave me enough time to understand makeup more properly and to not be completely dependent on these products to define my character as a teenager.

Now I have this makeup collection that is quite large in my opinion, and I love it so much. I don’t always wear makeup when going out, but when I do, I feel a 100x more confident. This is not because of the hiding of my ‘flaws’, but rather due to my ‘mastering’ of some sort of makeup application (lipstick), and thus feel more like a badass. Anyhow, let me show you what products I LOVE and which I cannot live without (not literally, but you know).


Starting off with a base, I prefer a good foundation that gives a finish that is neither too dewy nor matte. The Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS is to die for. I recently purchased it from Sephora in the shade Ceylon, and it is by far my favourite foundation ever. I do not apply foundation every time I go out, just because sometimes I am too lazy and other times I am breaking out, so I like to let my skin breathe.


For concealer, I use two: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover concealer. I apply the former underneath my eyes and around my nose. While I use the latter to cover any dark spots that I have on my face. Let me tell you, I have probably finished up 8 of the Maybelline concealers. I cannot stress how amazing it is. When I do not want to apply foundation, I just use this concealer to hide my dark circles and spots on my face, and it does such an incredible job.

>> I apply concealer using this Beauty Blender.


The Naked Palette by Urban Decay is the only eyeshadow palette that I have. Recently, I became more interested in using eyeshadow, but I still need to work on my ‘shadowy’ skills. As you can see in the picture, I haven’t hit pan in any of the colours in the palette. However, I do love the colours as they are all neutrals and you get a choice of both matte and shimmery shadows. DSC_0001

I recently bought these brushes at a drugstore, they were super affordable and are AMAZING. They do not shed whatsoever, even when they are washed. They came in a set, I use the largest one to apply bronzer. The one in the middle for blush (clearly, look at those dirty pink bristles). Finally, I use the smallest one to apply darker shadows in my crease. They are by Real Techniques, by far the best brushes I have ever found! You can find this set here. I also love their core collection, the buffing brush being my favourite for applying foundation. DSC_0002

As for highlighters, I have only used this Watt’s Up one by Benefit, and I absolutely love it. I would be walking by a mirror and would notice a bit of light hitting above my cheekbones, and I am like dayum! It is amazing and so easy to use. It comes in this cute packaging and is a cream highlighter which I believe looks more natural than those that are available as powders. DSC_0031

For my bronzer and blush, I use NARS products. Bronzer: Laguna, blush: Orgasm (the names of their products are all crazy, go have a look). DSC_0028

I have hit pan in both the blush and the bronzer, clearly showing the love.


Lastly, for Mascara I have two favourites. One by Givenchy and the other by Lancome. They both do not clump my lashes, while giving me volume and length. They are a bit on the pricy side, so if you are looking for a more affordable product, you should try the L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in black.


For lipstick, I have several from various brands. If you would like me to post about all of my lipstick collection, let me know! But for now, I am loving these two. The one on the left is by NARS and its their Satin Lip Pencil in Rikiguien. The other one is a lip pencil by Sephora and the shade is 08 Deep Aubergine.I have used the lip pencil all over my lips before, with no lipstick, and I loved it. The lasting power could be better, but the colour pay off is lovely.


This might have been too much information, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Comment below if you would like me to post about anything specific.





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