Cozy Yet Chic


Wool Coat – GAP (similar here)
Sweater – Zara (similar here)
White Jeans – Topshop
Blanket Scarf – Zara (sold out, but similar here)
Boots – BCBG
Watch – Fendi (no longer available; my grandpa’s old watch)

When I am feeling quite lazy, not wanting to put much thought into my outfit, I just throw on white jeans. For some reason, white jeans make an outfit look a 100x more unique and stylish. When I woke up this morning, I saw it raining outside and all I wanted to do was wrap myself in a blanket and go out, and I did.

I paired a grey chunky sweater with white jeans, and of course, I could not leave without a blanket scarf. This outfit was so comfy I did not want to change once I got home (seriously!). So, whenever you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like putting much effort into your look, just throw on a comfy top and white jeans. Trust me, it looks way better than a top with plain old blue jeans.

As for my shoes, I wore black boots (that I almost wear everyday), and I was done. The color combo of grey, white, and black, is my favorite. I truly have  a thing for these three ‘colors’.

Comment below if you think I should post about anything specific! I am always happy to hear about what my -few- readers would want to see me do!





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