A Day In NYC




As I am waiting at the airport to catch my flight to Vancouver, I decided to write about my one-day trip to New York City with my sister. As most people, I have been dreaming of visiting NYC for quite some time, and when my sister suggested that we go for one day, I quickly agreed and booked our tickets.

To be honest, the trip was not easy. We took a bus from Boston, MA to NYC, which was supposed to take us around ‘four hours’ only (LIES!). Eight hours in a bus.. eight hours. We were stuck in traffic when we got closer to NYC, and all I wanted to do was just leave and head back to Boston. However, as soon as I saw the buildings and the lively streets, I was the happiest person on earth. Although I have travelled to a number of cities in my life, I never saw anything quite like NYC (how cliché of me, I know).

One point that I could not help but be aggravated by was the extent of capitalism this city is based on. I honestly could not handle seeing this many adverts everywhere, nor the amount of touristy products that every store sells. Still, I was able to enjoy my time in the small cafes I found on random streets as I was walking. One of them had the best coffee I have ever tried (forgot the name, will look for it!), and the owners were actually nice (what? nice New Yorkers? I was surprised -I’m joking-).

The Empire State building was gorgeous, but the wait to buy a ticket was the worst. I guess we weren’t the only people in New York who wanted to visit this historical building… The displays they had on the walls made the experience a bit more bearable. Reading about the history of this building, I couldn’t help but appreciate the number of people involved in making the sketch come to life.

The views from the top floor were incredible (of course!). But the number of people there made it utterly difficult for us to take pictures with the background (as you can note from the fourth picture of me with no background showing). We later headed to the NBC studio, and Jimmy Fallon’s show was on (I am a huge fan and was devastated that I couldn’t go in to watch the rehearsal). Anyway, we also went to Magnolia Bakery, where we had the most delicious banana pudding ever, seriously, I still can’t get over it.

At night, we decided to go and walk around Times Square. The amount of screens and lights on buildings makes it seem as if it is daytime! It was a bit overwhelming but also quite fascinating. We were getting really hungry, and Hard Rock Cafe was right around the corner, so we gave it a shot. WORST DECISION EVER. The food was horrible. That burger still haunts me.

Overall, NYC was lovely and I would definitely love to go for a visit again (for a longer period of time). Let me know in the comments what you think of NYC, if you have ever been there, and what places you’d recommend.

Cheers –

*All pictures by me.



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