A Week In Mexico

For 2015, one of my new year’s resolutions was to visit two cities or countries that I have never been to before, and so I did. One of them was New York, and the other Cancún, places that are complete opposites of each other. Mexico was always a place that I have dreamt of visiting, mostly because of their delicious cuisine (by that I mean all of the guacamole). Some of my friends from university and I were planning a trip for ‘reading week’ (the Canadian version of a spring break) and later on decided to visit.. you guessed it, Mexico!


The tickets and hotel bookings did not cost us much, which is why we were all surprised when we arrived to one gorgeous hotel. Seriously, I was not expecting to have such a nice room and view, but hey! we were lucky. It was mid-February and the weather was lovely, warm yet not too hot. The hotel had a private beach with beds, drinks, and food! The ME Cancun hotel is all-inclusive, meaning that all food and drinks are part of your already paid booking, so I basically felt as if I was eating for free for an entire week. Whenever I would go to the beach, I would order everything on the menu, from fruit plates, to nachos, guacamole, pico de gallo, pinã coladas, to sandwiches and desserts. I couldn’t get enough of the guacamole.


The people working at the hotel were always smiling, joking around, and willing to help with whatever. For some reason, I felt extremely close to being home because of the people. Mexicans are very similar to Arabs in the way they speak and act, which made the trip even better! I’m not going to lie, this trip consisted of mostly food all day long. The hotel also had 6 restaurants with cuisines from around the world, from Japanese to Argentinean to Mediterranean.


The most exciting part of the trip, other than being able to chill, read a book, and spend all day at the beach, was our visit to the cenotes. Simply, a cenote is a cave that has a collapsed ceiling and is also filled with water. When I was there, I also found out that cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayan civilization, which is why it was and still is considered sacred by the Mayan people. Once you get to a cenote, you will be simply mind blown. I could not believe how utterly beautiful it was. We visited three different cenotes where it was my first time (yes, first time) zip-lining, snorkelling and even kayaking.


One of my friends also decided to buy a waterproof film camera that we used to take some awesome pictures underwater! I am definitely going to be purchasing a film camera sometime soon, if not, I’ll stick to disposal ones when I travel because of the unique moments they capture.

If you have any questions about this trip, comment below!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

– Dina




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