Belated Birthday Brunch

gas16My friends and I are huge brunch fans. Yes, we have brunch every week, usually on a Sunday. And so, the first thing my roommate had planned once I got to Vancouver was a Sunday brunch with our closest friends. It wasn’t much of a surprise when she told me.

Sunday was finally here, and after I got ready to leave, she saw me wearing jeans and a plain old shirt. “Dina! I’m thinking of wearing a dress since the place is a bit fancy” she said. This made me want to change my outfit as well, and so I did. Now, it did not occur to me that she might have planned a birthday surprise, just because my actual birthday was 10 days before.

The restaurant we were going to, L’abattoir, was one that had been on my list for so long! I was extremely excited to just go and eat. Food is a huge part of my life if you couldn’t tell already. When we walked in, the waitress took us to our table, where I found 18 of my friends! I was so surprised and couldn’t believe how many of them were there, for me!

I ordered the ‘breakfast burger’, which was DELICIOUS. Who wouldn’t want to have a burger for breakfast?


I cannot describe how happy I was at that moment. It was overwhelming, seeing people that are so close to me all in the same place.

The area we went to is called ‘gas town’, it is my favourite in Vancouver. If you are ever here, go visit it please. The coziest cafes are there, and the yummiest restaurants! The area reminds me of New York as well.


They even got me a cinnamon roll with a birthday candle! And sang happy birthday in both English and Arabic (Turkish was about to happen as well).


As we were walking back to the car after the brunch, I decided to take some failed outfit pictures, and this old gentlemen was walking towards me. He was the sweetest person, he just stood next to me and said ‘take a picture with me’. I love such moments, where strangers put a smile on my face. gas1gas2

Driving home, we were passing by the beach. I really wanted to go take more pictures there with the amazing view, and my friend instantly realized that, stopped the car, and asked to take pictures! I love her.


The city skyline was in the background, the ocean was right there, and logs were scattered everywhere. This is my favourite place in my university. The fact that we are so close to the ocean blows my mind whenever we pass by the many beaches on campus.


Believe it or not, I did not put much effort into this look. I actually wore this dress for my birthday brunch last year, what a coincidence! If only I had known.


The outfit was also so comfortable! These shoes are heavenly, it felt like I was walking on clouds. They also keep me so warm.


Coat – GAP (kind of similar here)
Dress – Zara
Boots – Zara
Bag – Aldo

Let me know if you liked this post, or if you’d like to see something different.

– Dina


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