My Go-To Makeup Look

I know I have been MIA recently, but I’ve honestly been struggling with my final exams and papers. I can’t wait until I am completely done! This Friday will mark the last final exam of my undergraduate life. I must say, although it can be quite exciting, having to face the real world is kind of terrifying on so many levels.

So today, instead of studying, I decided to take a short break and do this instead.

Do you ever study so much that you reach a point where you forget how life was before exams? You start feeling disgusting, probably because of the crap load of food you’ve been eating, but also because you rarely go out for fun. So, whenever I feel that way, I like to make myself look and feel pretty, and I put some lipstick on.

Today, I took it to the next level, and I decided to put on a full face of makeup. For the sake of the blog of course. So here you go! This is my go-to makeup look that includes my favourite products.

Please know that I do not claim to be a makeup artist, I am just showing you what I usually put on my face.


Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty / Ultra Repair Cream
Foundation: NARS / Sheer Glow (Ceylan)
Concealer: Make Up For Ever / Full Cover Concealer

Eyeshadow Palette: Urban Decay / Naked
Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay / Eyeshadow Primer Potion (original)
Mascara: Lancome / Grandiose

Bronzer: NARS / Laguna
Blush: NARS / Orgasm
Highlighter: Benefit / Watt’s Up

Lipstick: NARS / Satin Lip Pencil (Rikugien)

Let me know what you think!

I’m putting together some videos to start a Youtube channel. I will be back with some exciting content after my final on Friday!

– Dina


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