Kylie Lip Kits

So… I caved and ordered two shades from Kylie Jenner’s lip kit line. I know what you’re thinking, “why, Dina, why?” I understand that the Kardashians aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I honestly decided to order them AFTER I had tried Candy K from a friend.

Before trying them, I thought they were going to be crap. Well, they turned out to be amazing! I got two shades, Candy K and Posie K. Each is different, but I love both of them.

The liquid lipsticks come with lip liners that you can use to line your lips with entirely if you want them to last all day. The liners are very creamy, which I love.

The liquid lipstick has a very sweet smell, which I didn’t like that much. But, the formula is amazing, it is very pigmented, and for a girl with extremely dry lips, they weren’t drying at all!

Let me tell you, they do last for a long time. I had Candy K on, went to a concert where I ate so much food, and it was still on my lips!

To know more, you can watch my Youtube video reviewing both shades. I asked my friend to be part of the video because of the difference in our skin tones. The colours do look different on skin shades, so I hope that helps! The video is in Arabic, so if you’re not an Arabic speaker, let me know and I’ll work on adding subtitles.

I hope you liked the video, and the blog post!

P.S.: I am wearing Candy K in the picture.

– Dina



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