Hi everyone!

If you haven’t already noticed, I started a Youtube channel. If you know a bit about me, you’d know that I love film, and I even wanted to study film production (I still want to). And so, by starting this channel, I hope to connect with people on a closer level and also make videos! which I love! You cannot imagine how much I enjoy editing. It’s like a treat to me.

Here is my latest video! Please subscribe so you can keep up with my posts if you enjoyed this one.



One thought on “Youtube

  1. Dear Dina, your work is just BRILLIANT!!

    I am studying Broadcasting and Film Production and I watched all of your videos on YouTube. Loved the montaging and the creativity but I was wondering if you can now “wow” us with a new style of delivering your ideas, styles and beauty talks.

    Another tip, keep the headroom and the nose room when shooting so it will be easier for the eyes to accept the image.

    Despite all of the things I said above, you are definitely beautiful and your work is brilliant mashallah. Good luck and keep the good work up 🙂

    – May


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