10 Things To Do In Mykonos

I know I’ve been writing way too much about my trip to Greece. Sorry. But I really want to write everything down while it’s still fresh in my head. Because let me tell you, I have the worst memory on the planet.

Anyway, let’s move on. 

As you probably know by now, I went to Greece about a month ago to visit Athens and Mykonos.

If you don’t know much about Mykonos, here’s what you need to know: It’s a small island that’s known for its parties, expensive beaches, windmills, and is filled with rich people and celebrities. It’s not the most “Greek” island out there -in the sense that it’s filled with a lot of tourists and not so many Greek people- but it does have good gyros.

Before I begin, I just wanted to mention that I posted a Youtube video about my trip to Greece, which you can watch below. If not, just continue on to read the 10 points!

Here’s my list of things to do in Mykonos if you’re visiting for a couple of days:

#1: Walk around Mykonos town

This might be the most obvious of them all. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the old town in Mykonos. You know, where all the shops are, and the tiny allies that are surrounded by white walls and blue windows/doors? That place is every photographer & blogger’s dream! Seriously, I couldn’t get enough of it.

You can just walk around and not worry about getting lost! You’ll find your way out, I promise. Just walk into shops, talk to people, and grab some snacks. They have such amazing jewelry pieces, souvenirs and of course, food.

If you’re into taking loads of pictures (like me) I suggest you head to the town early on in the morning. I went there at 9 am and it was EMPTY! No one was around and I had loads of space to take pictures.

It was impossible for me to take pictures with so many tourists around later on during the day! Which is why I forced myself to wake up at 8 in the morning. No regrets whatsoever.


#2: Drink a cappuccino freddo 

While you’re at it, walk into a cafe and grab a cappuccino freddo. You won’t believe the goodness that is a Greek iced-cappuccino. That’s all it is, really. Just a cappuccino that’s iced. But I truly believe there’s magic involved when preparing this drink. How is it that good? I still do not know.

This is a step that no coffee-lover should skip! Seriously. You’ll thank me later.


#3: Try Jimmy’s gyros

There are a lot of gyros places in Mykonos, but not many in the town itself. Jimmy’s, however, is right there, in the middle of the town. You have to try their gyros! So good and filling, while also being quite affordable (considering Mykonos’ crazy prices).


#4: Chill & tan at the beach

The search for the greatest beach was tough. We visited multiple beaches in Mykonos that weren’t that great. And while we had heard of Psarou at the early stages of our visit, we were kind of intimated by it because of the infamous Nammos beach club (which is crazy expensive and has rich people hanging around everywhere). This beach restaurant/club is one of the most famous in Europe! A beach bed there costs 80 Euros, no joke!

But hey, I read an article that mentioned another restaurant located on the same beach that offers more affordable options. We went there, and we were surprised to find beach beds for 15-20 Euros a pair (depending on the day)! Which was quite good considering the pricing on most beaches in Mykonos.

We enjoyed Psarou beach the most, and here’s why: the water was crystal clear, the sand was so soft, and it was kind of luxurious. We saw helicopters lowering down to drop people off to Nammos, were surrounded by great music, and more!

I also loved Ornos beach, and especially Pasaji restaurant/beach club. They offer beach beds for 20 Euros a pair, and have amazing food & drinks. The restaurant is also part of Blanc Hotel which has a pool available for all visitors. This means that you can enjoy a pool & the beach at the same time!

#5: Watch the sunset

This is definitely one of the most important things to do. Do not. I repeat. Do not leave Mykonos without watching a sunset at least once!

This can be literally done from a lot places on the island. For instance, on different occasions, we were just driving around in the car when we started noticing the sunset. We would just park the car to the side of the street, and just sit there and watch the sun while it sets. The best place to do this is usually closer to the town, while you’re going down-hill. Also, from a restaurant called “Sunset” (how appropriate, I know) at Little Venice!


#6: Dinner in Mykonos town

The town has a lot of really good restaurants! There were many Italian ones that we tried. I loved Casa di Giorgio‘s seafood risotto. They also had fresh pasta being made at the entrance. They had outdoor seating, fairy-lights, and a lot of candles! I loved the vibe.

Also, while deciding what to order, we noticed that the people at the table next to us were Italian! We got so excited and asked them for recommendations on what to eat. They were so lovely and gave us a variety of options. According to them, always order anything with seafood when you’re this close to the water.

#7: Drinks/Party at Little Venice

Whether you just want to have some drinks and chill by the water, or you want to go all out and party all night, then Little Venice is the place for you. It is tiny, but has so many places to go to! You can bar-hop, or just stay at any of the cafe and bars all night. We were pleasantly surprised when we visited Little Venice on a random night to just chill and have drinks. We walked into this cafe/bar and heard all kinds of music playing (Arabic, Spanish, etc.) and of course, being the person that I am, I got way too excited about Arabic music playing on a Greek island!

A good tip that you can take if you’re looking to have a fun night: just go to Little Venice, walk around, and see what each place is doing! It’s loads of fun.

Also, I definitely preferred Little Venice to the many huge clubs they had around the island.


#8: Visit the lighthouse

If you want to see an incredible view of the water and mountains, you need to drive to the lighthouse. It can get really windy up there! So be careful.


#9: Go near the windmills

Mykonos is famous for its windmills! They’re not functioning anymore but they’re still there.

You can go hangout close to the windmills, take pictures, and just see a view of Mykonos town and the lovely Little Venice. Watching the sunset from there is also an incredible experience.


#10: Party at Scorpios from day-to-night 

I need to be honest. I’m not the greatest party person out there. I prefer chill things to crazy parties or clubs. But I did visit Scorpios just to see how it is. I actually really liked the place (the vibe), it’s right by the beach, has good food, and a lot of people. But, what I didn’t like when I went there was the music. I’m not into house-music and that was the only thing playing. Maybe it was just my luck? I’m pretty sure they have other nights with different types of music, so I don’t want to totally dismiss this place.

If you’re a party animal, definitely visit Scorpios. Don’t forget to ask about the type of music that will be playing though!

That’s it for Mykonos! If you’ve been there before, and would like to suggest some more thing to do, comment below! I’d love to add more.

Also, what do you think of Greece? Have you ever visited before? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you all!

Until next time.

– Dina


2 thoughts on “10 Things To Do In Mykonos

  1. Dina – love, love, love the content (your photos and outfits are always amazing)!

    I loved visiting Greece (Athens)- one of my favorite countries I’ve traveled to actually.

    Please keep posting, I love reading your blog. Please, please, pleeeeease make some videos in English (or have English subtitles) because I’d loved to watch your videos but I don’t understand Arabic. I’m always watching and trying to guess what you’re talking about haha!


    1. This is the sweetest thing I’ve read all month! Thank you, thank you thank you ❤

      I can't thank you enough for these lovely words. I'll work on adding English subtitles to my videos! I haven't figured out how to do that just yet. But I'm working on it 😀

      I'm glad you're still watching my videos although you don't understand much haha! I'll make videos in English for sure 🙂 Let me know what you'd like to see exactly and I'll start working on it!

      Thank you again, and please let me know what your name is 🙂 This made me so happy I'd love to talk to you again soon. xx


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