Found Banksy in Bethlehem | Vlog

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while.

2017 is finally here, and we’ve all got some resolutions. Mine is to write a blog post + make 2 Youtube videos a week.

This might be a challenge. But I really want to invest more time doing what I love – writing blogs and making vlogs!

If you didn’t already know I had a Youtube channel, where have you been? But no fear! A blog post is here to tell you all about my latest video.

I’m back in Palestine. Well, I’ve been back for 4 months now! I’m working and have settled in Ramallah. And so, my vlogs have been of places here, in Palestine. I’ve visited two cities so far, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

This vlog is all about my trip to Bethlehem. I do speak Arabic in all of my videos, BUT I have spent the time to add English subtitles! So please do watch it – I spent hours translating! haha

If you’re into Banksy (the graffiti artist) then you’ll love this vlog because it’s basically a search for his three famous artworks around Bethlehem. They’re all originals, and are still in good condition!

Before I go, here’s a documentary recommendation: Exit Through the Gift Shop. If you haven’t guessed already – it’s by Banksy.

A blog post a week + 2 videos! So stay tuned as I have some exciting stuff coming up.



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