Island Wardrobe

Summer’s here, which means most of you will be traveling! I, for one, am excited to give myself a break by going on a much needed trip. Let me know where you’ll be going this summer by commenting on this post!

So once I booked my tickets, the first thing I thought of was, you guessed it, clothes. I wanted some laid back pieces that are stylish but also comfortable enough for an island vacation.

Here are some of the pieces I picked:


Missguided Dobby Mesh Tiered Mini Dress

The first thing is a dress of course. What I wanted was something that’s both white and flowy. Nothing makes you look more tanned than white! This looks comfortable enough for a night out, a beach day, and even a dinner.


ASOS Skort with Tie Front

Next up is a skort. Yes, not a skirt, but a skort. I was first introduced to this invention by my mom when I was little. It’s way comfier than a skirt, and you’ll for sure know that your panties won’t show 😛


ASOS Beach Floral Embroidered Strappy Sundress

I fell in love with this beach dress. The straps, embroidery, and the fact that it’s black sold me.


ASOS TALL Clean Cross Back Mono Stripe Swimsuit

Next up is the swimsuit. I wanted a stylish one-piece, or two. I haven’t had one since I was 14 I think, and so, I thought it was appropriate enough to follow the trend.


ASOS Crochet Lace Plunge Frill Swimsuit

Did you actually think that I’d survive with only one swimsuit? Think again. I couldn’t not buy this white lacey piece. I thought the contrast between the two was significant. The former is very edgy, while the latter is feminine.

That’s everything for this summer’s island wardrobe! I haven’t received the clothes yet, but once I do, you’ll for sure see outfit posts! So keep an eye out.

What was your favorite piece? Let me know in the comments.



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