Starting a fashion/lifestyle blog has been a goal of mine for over 2 years now, and it’s finally here!

DINAZOUNI is a creative outlet that I will be using to share my journey in life through fashion, travel, photography, and even food. By creating this website, I not only hope to inspire my readers, but also myself by evolving my personal style and creative skills. My life has been focused on government affairs due to my studies, but now through this new outlet, I want to be able to reflect another side of myself.

The Arab lifestyle blogosphere has been quite small and limited in the past several years, which is why I have decided to work on a blog that encompasses various aspects of my life; me being a 21 year old Arab.

Join me on this new journey, that I hope will be nothing but inspiring to you all!

Cheers –

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting , was going to do that but through my interests or things i would like to share with people specially my writtings but it needs time though.
    I suggest to add sections about your achievements in this life.
    loved every part of this website.


    1. You should do it then! Trust me, you’ll find the time. Just start and it’ll become easier as you go.

      Thank you so much! Means a lot to me.
      Good luck on your blog, and if you need help let me know.


  2. Dina you are such an amazing example of what an Arab girl is
    a girl who does not settle down and always follows her dreams and aspires to be her best true self
    YOU GO GIRL! I’ll always support you no matter what ’cause you honestly do deserve it
    so keep on hustling love, you’ve become such an inspiration to me
    I’m sure that your hard work will soon pay off !
    I truly adore your beautiful soul and I wish you the best of what this life could offer<3
    cheers :))


    1. This is the sweetest thing I read all week! Thank you so much Heba, it means more than a lot to me. You’re so sweet and kind for being so supportive and wonderful. I’d love to meet you one day! You sound like an incredible women. Sending you love xx

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      1. Well , believe me if there’s someone to be called incredible it is you and only you Dina
        also you don’t even have to thank me , you should just embrace it as it ’cause it’s absolutely true!
        Be proud of yourself ’cause you only get what you deserve and if you think my words are kind then that’s something you’ve earned yourself , I’m not the one to thank.
        sending you even more love hehe xoxo


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